To become the industry leader through research, developing and manufacturing of quality metering and energy control solutions at highly competitive prices.


With the demand for electricity fast outstripping South Africa’s supply capacity, power shortages are becoming a reality to millions of South Africans. For power suppliers like Eskom, REDs (regional electricity distributors) and property developers, ensuring a regular power and utility supply, as well as effective account administration, has become a nightmare. The number of power-consuming households increase daily, and there is a shortage of human resources and training opportunities. The increased need for timely and accurate information makes it imperative that hi-tech solutions, designed and manufactured by a reputable and competent company, be incorporated.


Romulus Computer and Electronic Systems have developed the Synapses range of cutting-edge electricity and other utility metering, as well as load control solutions, that give supply authorities a level of control they have never experienced before.


The Synapses range offers complete control in terms of distribution and load control systems.


•          Easily control every billable aspect of power usage — everything from time-of-use metering, connections

            and disconnections,  load management assessments and control. Alll of these can be done remotely and


•          Accurately control every aspect of service delivery to rate-paying customers, while preventing faulty meter

            readings and illicit consumption.

•          Regulate electricity load at peak times

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