The Synapses InteliProbe Module fits onto electricity meters with an IEC62056-21 interface to expand the functionality to AMR and connection/disconnection. The InteliProbe is a reliable, flexible and cost-effective device that incorporates a wide range of functionality to enable better service delivery.



Device Features


•       Optical IEC62056-21 interface to meter.

•       Bi-directional RS485 communication.

•       Saves meter serial number and consumption registers onboard.

•       Read consumption register for meters with IEC62056-21 interface.

•       Read consumption Time of Use register for meters with IEC62056-21 interface.

•       Reporting of meter communication error and serial number change states.

•       24-Hour load profile in 30-minute intervals.

•       Record 30-minute interval Maximum Demand.

•       Can switch 100A contactor for Remote Disconnect/Connect purposes.

•       Can be managed and controlled from a remote location via GPRS/PLCC/Ethernet/802.11 Wi-Fi.

•       Uniquely addressable IP address and by group.

•       Daisy chain up to 32 meters with onboard RS485 Bus.

•       Device will register automatically on central AMR server, no configuration needed.

•       Settable built-in current limiting function.


Current Limiting Feature


        • Built-in InteliProbe function

        • Remote settable functions:

o  Can be Enabled/Disabled

o  Current allowed 10A,20A ....100A set point

o  Automatic feed [house] disconnect when current set point is reached.

o  Disconnected time, 1 minute to 4 hours

o  Disconnect repeat if set point is reached, 1 to 254 times

o  Automatic connect if disconnected time has elapsed and disconnect repeats >1

        • Command can be sent for individual devices, groups [255] or all

        • Command on PLCC: 50 ms, GPRS : 800ms

        • Green LED on InteliProbe will indicate contactor state, On/Off.

        • Inteliprobe will acknowledge back to the central server the state of the contactor.

        • Disconnection queries can be handled remotely.

        • Contactor can be set remotely to On/Off.

        • Current set point can be changed in real time and according to demand requirements.


Other advantages

        • Contactor can be used for disconnection/connection in non payment situations.

        • Normal operation: contactor will trip before slow curve circuit breaker, installed in the metering kiosk,

        allowing the electrician to reconnect remotely.

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