Synapses Load Management System


With the current load on the electricity infrastructure it is becoming more important to shift load from the peak (more expensive) periods to standard and off-peak periods. It is also important to control the maximum demand and detect remote bypass and failure.



•A bi-directional communication load switch


The Synapses load switch is installed in the house distribution board and utilise bi-directional power line carrier communication to a central system where shedding patterns can be downloaded to the device. ‘Shed’ and ‘Restore’ commands can be sent to individual devices, groups or all devices.

Figure 2: System diagram


Synapses Control Centre


Software Applications:

•Microsoft Operating System

•SQL Server, Oracle or MS Access for small systems

•Load Management Translator/Software


Hardware components:

•Load Management Server


•GSM Modems or WAN Connection for communication with the Mini Substations.

•UPS and dial-up modem



Synapses Gateway



•Converts TCP/IP to bi-directional power line carrier

•Converter option GSM to bi-directional power line carrier

•3x metering inputs with load profiles

•3x contactor set/reset options

•RS232 diagnostic port

•RS485 industrial bus

•Unlimited metering connections



Synapses Load Management Module



•Communication: bi-directional power line carrier

•LED status indication

•Soft pickup after power failure

•255 selectable groups

•Individually addressable

•Relay, fail and bypass detection

•Pattern shedding

•Switching capacity:

-Option 1: 1x 20A relay

-Option 2: 3x 20A relay individually addressable (Isolated)

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