Device Features


•      Bi-directional power line Carrier Communication

•      Two options available LM1: 1 relay and LM3: 3 relays

•      Device Acknowledgement on individual requests.

•      Onboard Power Line Carrier packets repeat functionality.

•      Load Management

        -      LM1: Switch one 20A [also available in 30A] load.

        -      LM3: Switch three 20A [also available in 30A] loads.

        -      Relay failure detection.

        -      Relay bypass detection

        -      Downloadable shedding pattern for energy shifting.

        -      255 Groups, each relay can be allocated to a different group.

•      Can be managed and controlled from a remote location.

•      Uniquely addressable up to relay level and by group.

•      Barcode address tag.

•      Relay Status/Position indicator.

•      DIN & Mini Rail mountable. Fits into house Distribution Board.

•      Compatible with IST Otokon ecWIN control suite.

Load Switch1&3 Relay


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