The Synapses Programmable 3 channel load switch is a reliable, flexible and cost effective device that

incorporates a wide range of functionality to enable the end user to control the electricity usage in peak

demand periods [Time of Use] and save energy by shedding unused loads.



Device Features



•      Consumer can programme the shedding pattern. User-friendly interface.

•      Bi-directional IR Communication to PC [optional, not required].

•      Can switch three 20A loads for load control purposes. Geysers/underfloor heating.

•      Relays are isolated so it can be used in three phase four wire systems.

•      Greater current loads can be switched with external contactor. [Optional]

•      Each relay’s shedding pattern can be set individually for energy shift or Time of Use.

•      Relay failure detection; this is indicated on the LCD.

•      Relay output voltage detection; this is indicated on the LCD.

•      LCD with backlight.

•      Current [A] displayed for each relay in 1A increments. Over current is also indicated.

•      On over current events the relay will be switched off automatically to protect the device.

•      Relay status [On/Off] displayed on the LCD.

•      Menu driven Self-diagnostic test.

•      Switching Override function.

•      Real time clock with up to 1-day backup.

•      Easy installation.

•      DIN & Mini Rail mountable. Fits into house Distribution Board.

Powerflex II

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