Powerflex III

Device Features


Metering and Remote Disconnect/Connect


     •One optical IEC62056-21 interface for Iskra ME161/2 meter.

     •One bi-directional RS485 bus for Inteliprobe to meter up to 32 secondary meters with

     •disconnect/connect interface.

     •One programmable pulse input for pulse water meters.

     •One onboard contactor interface for remote disconnect/connect purposes.

     •Meter serial number and consumption registers are saved onboard.

           -Read consumption register for meters with IEC62056-21 interface.

           -Read consumption Time of Use Register for meters with IEC62056-21 interface.

     •Reporting of meter communication error and serial number change states.

     •24-Hour load profile in 30-minute intervals.

     •Record 30-minute interval Maximum Demand.

     •Can be managed and controlled from a remote location via Ethernet connection.

     •Uniquely addressable IP address and by group.

     •DIN & Mini rail mountable.



Load Management


      •Three uniquely and group addressable isolated 20A load management relays.

      •Programmable 30-minute interval shedding pattern for 24 hours.

      •Programmable soft pickup, after power failure, with random and fixed time base.

      •Relay status/position indicator.

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