Device Features


•      Fully functional underfloor heating thermostat.

•      Consumer can programme the heating pattern. User-friendly interface.

•      Can switch 20A load, up to 4kW underfloor heating element.

•      The heating pattern can be set for Energy Shift or Time of Use.

•      Custom heating pattern can be programmed per day.

•      LCD with backlight.

•      Built in thermal protection to protect the device and underfloor heating element.

•      Relay status [On/Off] displayed on the LCD.

•      Room and Set point Temperature displayed on LCD.

•      Day and time displayed on the LCD.

•      Menu driven self-diagnostic test.

•      Soft touch proximity buttons with audible button acknowledgement, no mechanical parts.

•      Build-in child lock function.

•      Real time clock with up to 1-day backup if power fails.

•      Programme is stored in non-volatile memory.

•      Soft pickup after power failure.

•      Easy installation.

•      Easy replacement of old thermostat, 4 x 4 box mountable.

Programmable Time of Use Thermostat

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