Cost-effective and practical solutions

Energy Management


For a company such as Romulus, the current South African energy crisis presents a fascinating challenge:

•  to find solutions that are cost-effective and practical to implement, and

•  rapidly turn those solutions into products benefiting both supplier and consumer.


The Synapses range of products offers all the features and benefits needed to effectively manage the supply of electricity and other utilities on both the demand and supply side.


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Load Management Systems
         Load Management System
          PLCC Load Switch 1 & 3 Relay
          GPRS/Wi-Fi Load Switch 1 & 3 relay
                -  Information.pdf
                -  Installation/User Guide.pdf
          SmartRipple Timer.pdf
          Bulkmetering and Control.pdf
Resident Local Control
         Powerflex I.pdf
          Powerflex II
          SmartControl GPRS/Wi Fi
                - Installation manual
                - iPad/iPhone application support document
         Smart Relay.pdf
                - RF Local Load Controller.pdf
                - RF SmartRelay.pdf
               - RF USB Controller.pdf
                 - - - - (Download Software - Download Update - Download Manual - Download USB Driver)
Underfloor Heating
          Programmable Time of Use Thermostat


Remote logging sensors


Utility Metering with Remote Connection / Disconnection


Combination of Energy Management and Metering


Smart Metering


Option 1
Option 2
       - RF Water Meter Module.pdf
       - RF Display Unit.pdf
       - RF USB Receiver.pdf
       - - - - (Download Software - Download Update - Download Manual - Download USB Driver)
      - RF Internet Displayed Information - example:


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