Hi tech state of the art solutions

Why Romulus?

The Synapses range of metering and management products enable you to:


             • Manage all sites from a central base.

             • Manage prepaid and credit billing services.

             • Manage maintenance and call centers

             • Read meters in real time.

             • Instantly connect/disconnect power supplies with no overheads.

             • Get remote updates on contactor failure and bypass status.

             • One button press reads all meters.

             • Readings are integrated with accounting software.

             • Read all meters simultaneously.

             • Invoice all customers on the same day.

             • Time of Use metering and remote settable current limiting functionality.


With South Africa currently facing serious electricity supply challenges, the pressure on supply authorities is constantly increasing.


Despite a shortage of intellectual capacity and technology skills, energy and utility suppliers are under pressure to introduce cost savings, to service more of the population and to cope with the increased demand.


You can rely on Romulus to develop and provide hi-tech state-of-the-art solutions that are tailored for the local market.

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